The retail motor industry has always been keen to attract new talent from nonmotor industry backgrounds. And those people that have been bold enough to make the move have generally been successful.

So whether you are a bus driver, retiring sportsperson, hotel concierge or have just graduated, we’re interested in talking to you.

One important factor when considering a new career is what to expect when you make the move. So to help you we’ve provided a bit more information below:

Commission based earnings

Sales is all about results and as employers, dealers want results. So in most cases you’ll find dealers offering a good basic salary. Anywhere between £12,000 and £20,000 is probably the most common. Earnings are then made up with performance related commission payments.

You might see some potential employers offering an ‘on target earnings’ figure and these are normally made up of the basic salary plus the assumption of a realistic target achievement.

There are plenty of ways to make extra commission too. It’s not normally just the car sale, most dealers pay commission on other elements like warranties, accessories or finance linked to the sale of the car.

Great working conditions

Car showrooms are great places to work. You’ll have your own desk either in an office or in a beautiful showroom. The working environment is both exciting and fun. There’s normally great banter with colleagues as well as with some of the long standing customers. And of course you’ll be looking at, working with and driving great cars all day long! Plus when it’s time to head home you will be getting into a brand new demonstrator car.



Working as a sales consultant could be the start of a much longer career in the industry. Individual dealers and larger dealer groups all like to develop and promote people from within their own business so promotion prospects are very good for successful sales consultants.

Many are chosen as Business Managers or Sales Managers as a natural career progression and quite a few will go on to the top jobs as General Managers or Dealer Principals.

So provided you make a success of your sales role you can set your sights on higher goals for the future.

Working with targets

If you’re in any way competitive then you’re going to enjoy the challenge of working with targets. Each month you will have a personal target along with all the other members of your team. From then on it’s up to you! As long as you stay focused and keep busy you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of getting to that magic 100% of target.

Managing your time

Of course once you decide to make this move you’ll have to be prepared to work weekends. Not normally the whole weekend, but part of it at least. Once you’ve accepted this as part of life as a sales consultant there are many benefits. The first is that you’ll get your time off in lieu during the week when it’s quiet. The second is that the weekends can be quite busy so you’re likely to meet lots of potential buyers.

Making the best use of your time will be a very useful skill to develop. You are likely to spend a lot of your time away from customer facing interactions. There is quite a bit of administrative work associated with every sale and it takes time. Not only that, any effective sales consultant will have to dedicate time to spend prospecting for future sales. But don’t worry; you’ll soon get the hang of it. You’ll quickly learn to stay focused and use your time wisely. And of course have fun with your colleagues along the way!