And you thought used cars were better value…!

range rover

With approximately seven million used cars sold in the UK every year, outnumbering new car purchase by 3 to 1, you’d always choose this route, wouldn’t you? Of course, another big plus is that you don’t have to worry about depreciation either as around 20% of a new car’s value disappears
the moment you pick up the keys. With many manufacturers also handing out longer and longer warranties, you don’t even have to worry about your used car breaking down.

So, of course buying a used car is the best thing to do…..or is it?!
Before making your decision, maybe take a look at this link from where you may not get quite such a good deal. Take Prince William’s Range Rover SE Vogue, for example, it sold for £80,000 at auction, just under twice as much as others on the market and not much
a difference to a brand new one!

The lesson to learn here, always do your research before parting with that hard earned cash!