Tesla – a different world

tesla 1

I drive a Lexus Hybrid and recently my attention was drawn to Tesla.  I saw a report somewhere saying that all Tesla models come with lifetime battery charging for free. Not true.  As with all offers this comes with a disclaimer that free charging is reserved for certain models only but annoyingly, not the one I was looking at.

Anyway, I pressed on and went to the website and it’s okay but nothing spectacular. What does seem interesting is that they have no dealers so Tesla does all the selling on their own and say that theirs is a no pressure sales environment. We’ll see soon enough.

Test drive is all booked and was easy to do but there aren’t many Tesla centres around so be prepared to travel. I’m expecting a relaxing experience with lots of technical explanations from product experts. That’s what their marketing says will happen and if it does then Tesla is definitely a different world.

Test drive is soon so watch this space for an update.