Leaving School, what’s next?

Throughout your school life you are told that all the hard work is leading to a career. You work through Maths, English, Science and Religious Studies hoping that it will all become very clear on the day you leave, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Some people leave school and go to University, they know exactly what they want to do once they are qualified. Some people leave school and still have no idea what to do. Society tells us that you need a degree and that getting one will be your ticket to success and happiness, however that is not always the case.

Some of the most successful people in the world made it big without a degree, just look at Richard Branson or Steve Jobs. Don’t get me wrong, education is crucial, but determination, creativity, drive and ambition are as important when landing that dream career. With tuition fees at an all time high, don’t be afraid to look into other avenues and believe in yourself. There are plenty of other options out there such as apprenticeships and even Car Sales! Don’t underestimate what a sales target, some healthy competition and the support of a team can do for you (oh and don’t forget a cool company car!).

Whatever you do when you leave school, enjoy life, challenge yourself and never give up.