Indy or F1?


When Fernando Alonso recently decided to pass on a trip to Monaco in favour of a trip to Indianapolis it highlighted an ago old debate in top class motor racing. Which is best, Indy racing or F1?

All you F1 fans out there will be screaming no contest and reminding us about the great drivers like Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna and Michael Shumacher.

If you haven’t seen Indy racing, take some time out and watch one of the famous oval races at circuits like Indianapolis, Texas or Phoenix. What you’ll see is a bunch of skilled drivers balancing their cars on the very edge of grip at incredible speeds. You’ll see more overtaking (and bravery) than you’ve ever seen before along with lots of pit stop strategy to mix things up in the race. And what you’ll hear is the sound of 33 ethanol breathing V6 turbo engines revving up to 12,000 rpm!

Go on; give it a try sometime soon. You know you want to…..