2018 Car Trends….


It’s now a couple of month’s into 2018 and we have had plenty of time to work out what trends could be big this year. Not surprisingly ‘tech’ is the big talking point with autonomous technology being the thing everyone has been and will continue to talk about.

But what else will make a splash in 2018? We found a very interesting article from www.thejournal.ie which predicts the following 7 most likely things that will shape the 2018 motoring world.

1 – The rise of the SUV look…2 – Personalisation…3 – Compact crossovers will be the norm…4 – Hybrid options will continue to be more and more available…5 – All wheel drive could soon become a standard option…6 – App integration…7 – Safety will become a more important factor when choosing your car…

We are already seeing much of the above predictions coming true with App integration seemingly advertised every day and of course the road’s being full with personalised SUV’s.  Another trend that we think could become more common place off the back of autonomous vehicles is the automobile becoming almost like a home from home, enabling passengers to interact with each other properly and even work comfortably while travelling. Perhaps even ‘biophilic design’ could also be integrated to bring the outdoors inside the car, increase air quality on long journeys and perhaps help to relieve stress levels.

One thing is for sure, the future of automobile travel is an exciting one and 2018 will see a big leap in the evolution of our cars.


Image from the New York Post